The Executive Committee is responsible for setting scientific and technical objectives and priorities of the DUNE collaboration taking account of the financial aspects as well as other resources. The EC establishes procedures for making technical choices, and will oversee progresses and developments in various projects. The EC will also advise the Co-Spokespersons on all major collaboration matters. 

The EC consists of three at-large elected members, two appointed members by the Co- Spokespersons and the following five ex-officio members: the Co-Spokespersons, the Technical Coordinator, the Resource Coordinator and the IB Chair.

​Email list:
Meetings:​Indico Meetings
​Administration:Maxine Hronek



Ed Blucher (Chair)
Stefan Söldner-Rembold​Co-spokesperson​Ex-officio
Dario Auterio​Appointed Member​2017-2018
​Mary Bishai
​Elected Member​​​2017-2018
Ami Dave
​Resource CoordinatorEx-officio
Eric James​Technical Coordinator​​Ex-officio
​Chang Kee Jung
​Elected Member​2017-2018
Marta Losada​Elected Member​2017-2018
Kate Scholberg​
​Elected Member​2016-2018​
Bob Wilson
​IB Chair​​Ex-officio