The aims of the Cosmic Rays and Comogenics Working Group include characterization of the cosmogenic background for underground physics with DUNE (proton decay, atmospheric and astrophysical neutrinos), simulations of muon events in the Far Detector for ​future experimental studies with DUNE, developing calibration methods using muons and more.

​Convenor​:​​Daniel Dwyer, Vitaly Kudryavtsev
​Email list:
dune-physics-cosmo@fnal.gov (list archive​)


Implementing and testing ​muon generator in LArSoft
Simulating muon-induced background for PDK (kaon modes)
Validating reconstruction using muon events - together with Recostruction WG
Simulating cosmogenic activation for low-energy neutrino detection - together with LE neutrino WG
Modelling atmospheric neutrino background for proton decay - together with Atmospheric neutrino WG
Simulating muon-induced background for proton decay (other modes)
Studying muon background for atmospheric neutrino measurements - together with Atmospheric neutrino WG​
Developing a calibration procedure using cosmic rays - together with Calibration WG
Muon physics: cascades, stopping muons etc.

Associated working groups:

Proton decay

Atmospheric neutrinos

Low energy neutrinos



​Area of work or
associated working group
Dan Dwyer (LBL)​Co-convener
Vitaly Kudryavtsev (Sheffield)​Co-convener​Muon generator for DUNE, Muon background for proton decay
Matthew Robinson (Sheffield)Muon background for proton decay
​Karl Warburton (Sheffield)Muon generator for DUNE, Muon background for proton decay
​John Beacom (Ohio State)​Cosmogenic activation - background for astrophysical neutrinos
​Shirley Li (Ohio State)​Cosmogenic activation - background for astrophysical neutrinos
​Robert Hackenburg (BNL)
​Ryan Patterson (Caltech)
​Andrew Renshaw (Houston)
​Andre Rubbia (Zurich, CERN)​DUNE co-spokesperson
​Ricardo Gomez (Fermilab)
​Michel Sorel (Fermilab)
​Bryce Littlejohn (IIT)
​John Urheim (Indiana)​Physics WG co-convener
​​Elisabetta Pennacchio (Lyon)
​Vyacheslav Galymov (Lyon)
​Ed Tatar (Idaho State)
​Takuya Hasegawa (KEK)
​Christopher Mauger (LANL)
Yasuhiro Nakajima (LBL)​​
Michele Weber (Bern)
Diego Garcia-Gamez (Manchester)
Brandon Eberly (Pittsburgh)
Kate Scholberg (Duke)​Co-convener of LE neutrinos WG
Matt Bass (Oxford)
Michael Gold (New Mexico)
Zubayer Ahammed​ (VECC)


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