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Evaluate and optimize the physics potential of atmospheric neutrinos in the DUNE FD.
Our main goals will be the measurement of mass hierarchy and of the theta_23 octant. Further topics are Earth tomography with neutrino oscillations, decoherence, non-standard interactions, sterile neutrinos,  and other beyond-standard-model physics scenarios.    We will also discuss the use of atmospheric neutrinos for detector monitoring and pre-beam commissioning, and evaluate their contribution to the overall physics capabilities in an era when beam data is also available. 

Convenors:Hugh Gallagher, Alessandra Tonazzo
​Email list: (archives)

Associated working groups:

- Far Detector performance
- Far Detector simulation and reconstruction
- Far Detector optimization
- Nucleon Decay
- Long Baseline Physics


​Area of work or
associated working group
​Distribution/documentation of LBNE atmospheric neutrino analysis package
for use in near-term studies
​In conjuction with FD reco/sim WG, testing and improving the GENIE/Atmospherics mode in LArSoft
(incl. improvements to GENIE flux drivers, inclusion of 3d fluxes)
​Validation of upwarding going muon simulation in GENIE, incorporation into atmospheric analyses.  
​Extension of analysis tools to incorporate detector-specific systematics such as differences in up/down acceptance
Updating / re-evaluation of detector performance characteristics as full simulation results become available 
​​Interfacing with reconstruction group on appropriate metrics to evaluate performance on atmospheric neutrino events 
​In conjuction with the cosmogenics group, evaluate cosmogenic background mitigation strategies, impact of a veto shield 
​Re-evaluate nu/nubar separation capabilities and impact on MH determination
​​​Sensitivity studies: tau appearance
​Sensitivity studies: sterile neutrinos, NSI, other BSM scenarios (decoherence, Lorentz-violation)
​Earth tomography studies​​


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