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ProtoDUNE Systems Engineering

​​​​​​​​​​DUNE Far Detector prototypes at the CERN Neutrino Platform

​​​Two experiments at CERN, NP02 and NP04 encompass protoDUNE. NP04 web site:​​ NP02 web site: ​

​​NP04 ProtoDUNE SP 

​The single phase (SP) Time Projection Chamber (TPC) NP04 Cryostat, Cryogenics and Integration Launch page:​​

Engineering integration of ProtoDUNE SP

The integration of the ProtoDUNE SP into the CENF EHN1 facility along with the Cryostat and Cryogenics follows the configuration management plan found at ​ProtoDUNE SP integration Twiki​​. The engineering integration is performed using Configuration Management and Interface Management

NP04 Components Delivery, Control and Testing at CERN

​A Component Integration document is required from each subsystem.  This should include the following information:

  • ​Special handling requirements for each part and/or assembly after on-dock at CERN
  • CERN on-site assembly work required
  • Special tools required (these must be evaluated for safety requirements)
  • Acceptance test(s) with pass/fail criteria and equipment and personnel requirements (production site pass/fail values should be electronically databased for comparison to acceptance test(s))
  • Installation tools requirements

​​​​NP04 Integration with CERN Safety

The EHN1​ Neutrino Platform work and safety organization is described here​.


​ProtoDUNE DP is also being constructed in EHN1.  More information can be accessed here​.​