High Performance Computing for Accelerator Design and Optimization
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ComPASS Project and SciDAC-3 Summary
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SciDAC-2 ComPASS Codes.aspx
Codes developed by or available to the ComPASS project
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Beam Dynamics.aspx
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Advanced Accelerators.aspx
A versatile 3D parallel PIC code suite for plasma acceleration, e-cloud, and e-cooling.
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SciDAC-2 Homepage.aspx
Community Petascale Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation (ComPASS) - Project Summary
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SciDAC-2 Collaboration.aspx
ComPASS - SciDAC-2 Collaboration
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SciDAC-3 Collaboration.aspx
ComPASS - SciDAC-3 Collaboration
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2012 ComPASS all-hands meeting.aspx
The 2012 ComPASS all-hands meeting will take place at LBNL on September 27th and 28th.
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2007 ComPASS all-hands meeting.aspx
ComPASS All Hands Meeting at Fermilab on September 17th and 18th.  Presentations are now available online.
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2008 ComPASS all-hands meeting.aspx
ComPASS collaboration meeting at UCLA, on Dec 2nd and 3rd, 2008.
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ComPASS at SciDAC08.aspx
ComPASS presentations at the SciDAC 2008 conference
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ComPASS at SciDAC 2010.aspx
ComPASS presentations at the SciDAC 2010 meeting..
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2009 ComPASS all-hands meeting.aspx
The 2009 ComPASS all hands meeting will be in Boulder on October 5th and 6th, hosted by Tech-X. The focus of the meeting will be on reviewing the current state of development and application activities and on enhancing collaborative work.

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2010 ComPASS all-hands meeting.aspx
The 2010 ComPASS all hands meeting will be in Menlo Park on December 7th and 8th, hosted by SLAC.
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SciDAC-2 ComPASS Talks.aspx
Recent ComPASS talks for SciDAC-2
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SciDAC-2 ComPASS Publications.aspx
Recent ComPASS publications for SciDAC-2
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SciDAC-2 SciDAC Breakthroughs.aspx
ComPASS contributions to be published in SciDAC Breakthroughs document.
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ComPASS Site Information.aspx
This page gives information about working with the ComPASS site.
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SciDAC-3 ComPASS Publications.aspx
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SciDAC-3 Talks.aspx
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SciDAC-3 SciDAC Breakthroughs.aspx
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SciDAC-3 ComPASS Codes.aspx
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ComPASS at SciDAC 2013.aspx
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ComPASS at SciDAC 2012.aspx
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