SciDAC-2: ComPASS Codes
A comprehensive suite of parallel 2D/3D electromagnetic modeling codes using higher-order (up to 6th order) finite elements on unstructured grids for geometry fidelity and field accuracy, and a parallel framework for modeling electromagnetic fields, fluids, particles, and their interactions, using a structured mesh approach, which allows for conformal, embedded boundaries for modeling curved surfaces and boundaries.
Omega3P - A 3D eigensolver for treating lossless, lossy, periodic and waveguide-loaded cavities. More details about Omega3P including its past accomplishments and its application to ILC simulation can be found here.
S3P - A 3D frequency domain solver to calculate S parameters of RF components.
T3P - A 3D time-domain solver with beam for wakefield computations.
Track3P - A 3D particle tracking code with surface physics for simulating dark current and multipacting.
Pic2P - A 2D particle-in-cell code for space-charge dominated device simulations.
V3D, a visualization package for viewing particles and fields in 3D complex geometries.
VORPAL, is an arbitrary (1D, 2D, or 3D) dimensional computational framework that can be used for electromagnetics (EM), fluids, and particle in cell (PIC), with or without collisional effects. Fully explicit, finite-difference time-domain electromagnetics with accurate embedded boundary representation is available for high-precision computations of cavity modes and wake fields. Explicit EM with charged particles is used for Laser Wake Field Acceleration (LWFA) computations. Collisional effects are used in the computations of electron cooling. Full documentation is available.