ComPASS at SciDAC08 
ComPASS Presentations at the SciDAC 2008 Conference

2008_0716_SciDAC_geddes.pdf.aspxComputational Studies and Optimization of Wakefield Accelerators
 An overview of high-performance computing for analysis and optimization of plasma and wakefield accelerators.
8/27/2008 12:00 AMEric G Stern
ComPASS_SciDAC08_spentzouris.ppt.aspxCommunity Petascale Project for Accelerator Science and Simulation: Advancing Computational Science for Future Accelerators and Accelerator Technologies
An overview of ComPASS project development and use of high-performance computing technologies in the design and understanding of current and new accelerators and accelerator science.
8/27/2008 12:00 AMEric G Stern
SciDAC08-Cho-Ng-talk-v3.ppt.aspxDesign and Optimization of Large Scale Accelerator Systems through High-Fidelity Electromagnetic Simulations
 An overview of use of high-performance computing techniques of electromagnetic properties of accelerator structures.
8/27/2008 12:00 AMEric G Stern