SciDAC-2: ComPASS Codes
Advanced Accelerators
A versatile 3D parallel PIC code suite for plasma acceleration, e-cloud, and e-cooling.

UPIC - A Framework which includes components for electrostatic, electromagnetic and Darwin field solvers in multi-dimensions. It has dynamic load balancing for fields and particles and higher order splines for accurate energy conservation. It supports mixed shared and distributed memory architectures. It can be used to develop e cient e-cooling code.

OSIRIS - A fully electromagnetic code that includes higher order splines, current and field smoothing for accurate energy conservation, Vay PML open boundary conditions, a relativistically correct two-body collision model, and ionization. It has been validated against experiment.
QuickPIC - The only 3D parallel PIC code for modeling plasma accelerators in the quasi-static limit, also capable of electron cloud modeling in conventional accelerators. QuickPIC was built using UPIC modules. It has been validated against experiment and benchmarked with OSIRIS.