2010 ComPASS all-hands meeting

The 2010 ComPASS all hands meeting will be in Menlo Park on December 7th and 8th, hosted by SLAC.
The focus of the meeting will be on reviewing the current state of code development and application activities, enhancing collaborative work, and preparing for SciDAC3. More information on meeting accommodations, agenda and a link to all the presentations can be found below.

When 2010-12-07 09:00 to 2010-12-08 17:00 
Where SLAC, Menlo Park
General Information
Directions to SLAC can be found here.
Meeting room: Research Office Building (ROB) Redwood C&D.  Please let Cho Ng (cho@slac.stanford.edu) or Spentz (spentz@fnal.gov) know if you a planning to attend in person, we need a list for the SLAC front gate.  Also, let us know if you are planning to participate via webex.
The Stanford Guest House is on site: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/rde/guesthouse/.   Also, hotels near SLAC can be found at http://www6.slac.stanford.edu/maps_directions_accommodations.aspx


Download talks from both days from here. Note that this is a large file (gziped tar file).
Tuesday, Dec 7th
Time:  Activity
9:00 am to noon:  Management team meeting

AA session (conveners Bruhwiler and Mori)
Time (pm) Talk  Speaker

1:00-1:05 Introduction Mori
1:05-1:30  FACET and computational needs for FACET and a PWFA-LC Hogan & Mori
1:30-1:55  Modeling support for BELLA 10 GeV laser-plasma experiments Geddes
1:55-2:00 Discussion, AA modeling needs in next 5 years all
2:00-2:15  Modeling two bunch experiments using quickpic and osiris An
2:15-2:30  Modeling proton/anti-proton PWFA Lu
2:30-2:45  Modeling LWFA in the nonlinear and weakly nonlinear regimes: LLNL/UCLA experiments and beyond Lu, Tsung, or Mori
2:45-3:00  Simulations of colliding pulse injection experiments at the LOASIS Program Cormier-Michel
3:00-3:10  Modeling ionization injection for laser-plasma accelerators Chen
3:10-3:25 Coffee Break  
3:25-3:40  Simulating 10 GeV laser plasma accelerators in a Lorentz boosted frame Vay
3:40-3:55  Use of a ponderomotive guiding center (PGC) or laser-envelope model for orders-of-magnitude faster LPA simulations Cowan
3:55-4:10  Improvements to QuickPIC An
4:10-4:25  Discussion laser-plasma modeling all
4:25-4:45  PIC on GPUs Decyk 
4:45-5:05  Future plans for the parallel VORPAL framework and review of recent SciDAC simulations  Bruhwiler 
5:05-5:25  Future plans for OSIRIS and QuickPIC  Mori 
Dinner at 6:30 pm
Wednesday, Dec 8th
BD session (conveners Amundson and Ryne)
Time (am) Talk Speaker

08:30-08:50 BeamBeam3D and IMPACT status and plans Qiang
08:50-09:10 Multicore optimization Li
09:10-09:30 Electron cloud simulations and plans Vay
09:30-09:50 Electron cloud simulations and plans Veitzer
09:50-10:10 ELIC simulations and plans Terzic
10:10-10:40 Coffee Break 
10:40-11:00 Synergia status and plans Amundson
11:00-11:20 MaryLie status and plans Ryne
11:20-11:40 Resistive-wall simulations and plans Macridin
11:40-12:25 Discussion  
Lunch at 12:30
EM session (conveners Cary and Ng)
Time (pm) Talk Speaker

1:30-2:00  Status and outlook of finite element electromagnetic simulation with ACE3P Candel
2:00-2:30  Modeling of PBGs Cowan
2:30-2:55  EBMesh: An Embedded Boundary Meshing Tool Kim
2:55-3:20  5-years SciDAC activities on EM simulations of SRF cavities at JLab Wang
3:20-3:45  Updates on a parallel hybrid linear solver for Omega3P Yamazaki
3:45-4:00 Coffee Break  
4:00-4:25  Second-order accurate embedded boundary algorithm for dielectric/vacuum   interfaces Bauer
4:25-4:50  Multipacting and dark current simulations using finite element electromagnetic suite ACE3P Ge
4:50-5:10  Future directions in embedded boundary EM modeling Cary
5:10-5:35  Recent developments in parallel high-order mesh adaptation Shepherd


1/4/2011 12:00 AMPanagiotis Spentzouris